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JCLP HYPERBARIE may help any company or organization concerned with safety problems in relation with hyperbaric or diving works. Those tasks under pressure may be carried out directly by them or subcontracted to specialized contractors : 
  • Safety Audits of diving companies (based on IMCA or OGP recommendations, site organization, coordination of safety  and projects safety plans,
  • Writing Safety Manuals for hyperbaric and diving operations.
  • Writing Safety specifications for projects with special hazards, in particular to prepare tenders,
  • Participation in Safety Working Groups (EDTC, CEN).  

References :

  • Safety Audits and safety plans diving :  ELF Congo, TOTALFINA-ELF ABK, COGEMA, Conseil Généraux, Compagnie des Eaux et de l'Ozone, various diving companies for the account of TOTAL ABK and TOTAL Cameroun.
  • Safety Audits and safety plans compressed air work : Lines 14, 15, 17 for Grand Paris Express
  • Manuals and specifications : Groups building tunnels with compressed air interventions, Diving companies, Electricity Board, COGEMA, TOTALFINA-ELF, BOUYGUES International....,
  • Working Groups :  
    Ministry of Labor,
    special advisor for hyperbaric matters 87-97,
    AFTES (Association Française des Travaux en Souterrain), 
    SNETI (Syndicat National des Entreprises de Travaux Immergés),
    ECHM (European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine)...


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