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Jean Claude Le Péchon is National SCUBA dive instructor (Moniteur National-1968) MN 234.

Jean Claude Le Péchon offers training sessions for :

  • diving medical doctors,
  • diving instructors
  • advanced divers

it can be either with teh Continous medical education association P.B.E.R.T.H., either directly.

The more requested training sessions are :

  • Bubbles evolution in current decompression algorithms.
  • Everything you wanted to know about decompression without daring asking : Part 1: Inert gases; Part 2: Oxygen.
  • Ascent rate to the first stop ?
  • Using dive computers properly...
  • What is a recompresion chamber ? (Field chamber for commercial operations, HBO)
  • Space and Diving - Astronauts and divers...
  • Principles of various rebreathers...
  • Dense gas breathing, from air to Trimixes and Heliox...
  • Altitude dives - very high cases - 4517 m Lake Chungara (Chile), rebreather dive.
  • Immedialte in-water recompression and DCI management in remote places.
  • Composition of alveolar gases in diving.
  • Commercial hyperbaric works (Diving and/or Compressed air work...)
  • Paul Bert, Politician and Scientist.
  • Paul Bert and Lorrain Smith (historical review)
  • Hyperbaric atmospheres quality.
  • Oxygen toxicity and reactive oxygen species (free radicals).
  • Carbon oxides (CO2 and CO) in diving.
  • History and technical evolution of diving regulators.

Any specific topic can be prepared to match a particular requirement that may fall among JCLP experience...

To organize a session, just contact Jean Claude Le Péchon via E-mail below

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