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JCLP HYPERBARIE was providing services to any party seeking advice on equipment  needed  for diving, compressed air works and hyperbaric medicine:

*  Definition, design, inspection, specifications for tenders, repair, up grading, construction follow up, commissioning, assistance for certification,

*  These advices may concern individual diving gear, hyperbaric chamber for diving, saturation, HBO or compressed air work with or without TBM.

JCLP HYPERBARIE was not a manufacturer of equipment which makes possible to give independent advice to all type of manufacturers...

References :

The major TBM builders (NFM, FCB, CSM BESSAC, HERRENKNECHT, LOVAT, James HOWDEN...) have contracted JCLP HYPERBARIE for the design of air locks....

Many of the groups building tunnels (all such French groups) (BOUYGUES, VINCI, BORIE SAE, CSM BESSAC, SPIE, FOUGEROLLE-BALLOT, QUILLERY, Philip HEIZMANN CAMPENON-BERNARD,  .... ).

Working Group CEN in charge of Air Lock Safety EN 12110 and revision in 2023.

Manufacturers of Hyperbaric equipment and Certification bodies (DRASS, DORIS ENGINEERING, BUREAU VERITAS, HAUX, HIGHTECH, TECH-PLUS....)

Users of Diving Hyperbaric equipment (TOTALFINA ELF, HYDROKARST, EMCC/CTS, several Hospitals and Clinics, The French Ministry of Health...). 

Adaptation of medical devices to work in hyperbaric medical chambers (Siemens, Radiometer)



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