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JCLP HYPERBARIE used to provide training in various organizations : 
  • Training Compressed Air Workers : French certificate Mention D Classe I and Classe II (Ministry of Labor approval).
  • Training to the duties of Hyperbaric Operation Superintendent, Lock operator and Lock attendant, Emergency recompression chamber operator. 
  • Training of Commercial Divers for interventions in TBM when mixed gases are involved.
  • Training for Diving Safety : Safety plan, Safety coordination, Safety audit of Diving Contractors.
  • Training medical personnel for HBO (Doctors, Nurses, Patient attendants, Chamber operators...).
  • Teaching at Universities : Hyperbaric Medicine, Diving medicine (Paris, Bordeaux, Besanšon, Lille, Toulouse and Brest), Health and Safety at work (Nancy, Caen).
  • Various training in relation with Recreational Diving for Diving Clubs (Instructors, Mixed Gas Diving ....)
  • Continuous education in diving medicine : Amsterdam, Pisa (Italy)

All training session could be given in French, English or Italian.

The number of Caisson Workers and persons involved with Compressed Air works trained by JCLP HYPERBARIE since 1986 is more than 1200 for more than 90 different  job sites with compressed air or compressed gases.

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