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Haemoglobin saturation measurement after a SCANUBA dive at Lake Chungara - 4517 m -








Hyperbaric procedures contain all applicable decompression tables. Furthermore procedures describe the environmental conditions in which the operation should be carried out to warrant the safety of the workers.

The French decompression tables MT 92 are available in PDF format.

In relation with the Client, JCLP HYPERBARIE could prepare specific procedures to cope with situations in which standard practice is not feasible or leaves unacceptable level of risk. These procedures may be based on local official tables of on other tables from various countries or origin. Final objective is to optimize the conditions of interventions under pressure. Criteria is not only Productivity, efficiency, quality and safety are also the major concern when designing a specific procedure. Any type of breathing mixture may be selected to take all possible advantages of gases physiological properties.

References :


Adaptation of French compressed air decompression tables for longer exposure in the pressure range of 3.3 bar (Solétanche and CSM BESSAC in Berlin, HTMS in London). 

Negotiations with local Authorities for the use of French decompression tables in Sydney, Kong-Kong, Lisbon, Storebaelt, Copenhagen, Berlin, The Netherlands...),

Preparing procedures for the first world intervention in a TBM cutter head from a saturation habitat at a pressure of 6.9 bars (2000-2001 - The Netherlands). Saturation with Trimix gases for the habitat and the transport Shuttle, diving in Bentonite also with a Trimix -refer to publication-

Decompression tables and Trimix procedures for the St Petersburg Metro line tunnel (5.8 bar - 2003) and several tunnelling operations in Hong Kong (2015-21). 

Preparation of interventions in a TBM at 13 bar -feasibility study, and equipment specifications- Hallandsas Sweden - 2003 and for Lake Mead water intake (15 bar) 2004-2005.

Safety procedures for tunnelling and hyperbaric interventions in a kerosene highly contaminated ground (Fire and Toxic hazards, in the tunnel and in compressed air zone -refer to publication-

Control of potential toxic and fire hazards resulting form foams used for Ground Pressure Balanced TBM when compressed air interventions are required for repairs.

Preparing procedures with Trimix gases for bounce and saturation interventions in TBMs at 6 bars for Hyperbarie SARL/Bouygues-Dragages JV in Hong Kong (2015)

Commercial Diving :

Decompression in fixed immersed habitat, using deep oxygen stops, after Air, or Nitrox or Trimix dives.

Procedures for diving in pools of nuclear plants. (COGEMA, EDF, CTS...)

Diving procedures with Trimix breathing mixtures (Open sea, cave dives...).

Expedition in CHILE to dive lake CHUNGARA, 4 517 m of altitude, using semi-closed automatic mixing surface supplied diving gear for Nitrox Dives (SCANUBA) - 1992

Tables for a diving sites in altitude 1200 m, Nitrox dives.

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